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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you assist with my loved one’s funeral if the death happened out-of-state or outside our area?
YES. We have assisted with funeral arrangements and the disposition of bodies when the deceased resided or visited another area at the time of their death. Our funeral home can also assist with arrangements for members of the military, both with arrangements and fulfilling any wishes for burial in national cemeteries. If you are in this difficult situation, contact us for assistance.
When should I start pre-planning my funeral?
There is no set timeline for pre-planning your funeral in advance; however, there are some clear advantages to pre-planning your funeral before the need arises:

- Your decisions are not complicated by any emotional or physical challenges from an illness or injury.

- You can make your wishes clear to your family so the process is easier for them after your death.

- You can make financial arrangements now, so your family does not bear the financial burden during a difficult time.

- You can focus with a clear mind before the process is complicated by any memory or mental issues.

When you are ready to pre-plan your funeral, contact us. We can assist you with planning all aspects of your funeral and burial now so your wishes are clear and your family doesn’t have to when the time comes.
Can I pre-pay for my funeral and burial?
As a funeral home, we do not hold anyone’s money for future needs. While working with each individual, we help him or her decide whether insurance funding or bank trust funding would be best suited for them and offer guidance through the process. If you are interested in your financial options, or would like more information, email or call us.
What are my options for my loved one’s cremated ashes?
There are three common options for families after a cremation:

1.Keep the urn at home.
2.Bury the ashes or keep them in a mausoleum.
3.Scatter the ashes.

We are committed to assisting in whatever preferences the family might have for their loved one’s ashes. In the past, we have even assisted with a family’s request for a diamond made from the cremated ashes. Whatever your preference, we can and will fulfill your wishes.
What is the average cost of a funeral?
Don’t be fooled by TV commercials; these ads try to give you the average cost of a funeral---without including certain common costs of the service or burial. That being said, funeral costs vary greatly dependent upon the disposition and preferences of the honoree and family (flowers, meal offered, cemetery costs, etc.) At Hafemeister, you’ll find the average total cost (with all aspects of the funeral included) of a traditional funeral is $11-13,000 and a cremation $4-6,000. There are no hidden fees when you contact and visit us at Hafemeister; we understand our families are going through a difficult enough time without the surprise of additional expenses.
What can your funeral directors do if our loved one did not attend church or didn’t want a church service?
If the deceased was not attending a church, our staff can reach out to a local clergy of your choice to officiate. If no formal Christian service is desired, a Celebration of Life or a gathering of family and friends are also nice ways to commemorate a life.
Does your facility have an on-site crematory?
Yes we do. With an on-site crematory, we are able to control every aspect of an individual’s final arrangements – from preparing the remains for cremation to ensuring that the cremation chamber is thoroughly cleaned after every cremation, eliminating the risk of co-mingling remains, all under the control of a licensed funeral director.

- A few things to remember when selecting a cremation professional:

- Seek out licensed professionals including a licensed funeral director or certified crematory operator.

- Ask about policies and procedures followed by the cremation service including the handling of the remains as well as documentation.

- Never assume that a funeral home offering cremations has an on-site crematory; more often than not, the remains are sent to an off-site facility.

- Ask what options exist for those choosing cremation in terms of memorial services, casket rentals and urn/commemorative merchandise.

- If you are anticipating an on-site memorial service, ensure that the facilities are modern and will accommodate your anticipated guests as well as any special needs they may have.

Deciding on cremation and subsequently choosing the cremation professional to provide those services are decisions that require a great deal of thought and consideration. These decisions should be based upon reputation, location, facilities and the cost of services. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to “shop” these services or to contact us with questions; it is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Taking a little extra time to ask questions and do a bit of research will result in peace of mind for years to come.
If my loved one is being cremated, what happens during cremation?
Cremation takes place in a carefully maintained facility known as a crematory or crematorium. Our funeral home has its own crematory on site, with accredited and trained staff performing the cremation.

Within the crematory is a special cremation chamber. The body is placed in a cremation container or casket and positioned inside the cremation chamber. Once the container or casket is in the cremation chamber, the door is tightly sealed. The crematory sensors and computer automatically regulate gas flow that creates intense heat that reduces the body to bone fragments. This process takes approximately 2-3 hours.

After the cremation, the remains are collected and processed to the consistency of sand or a finer ash. The white or grayish remains, often called cremated remains at this stage, are then sealed in a transparent plastic bag along with an identification tag. The bag weighs about 5-7 pounds and will often be returned to the family in a selected urn, which can then be buried, placed in a niche inside a columbarium, taken home or transported for scattering. Additionally, the cremated remains can be separated and placed into multiple urns, keepsakes or even jewelry specifically designed as a final resting place.
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