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Preplanning Guide
When the time comes to pre-plan your funeral service, donít hesitate to contact our family to make the process smoother and easier for you---and your family. There are a number of benefits to planning your funeral in advance, including:

  • Your decisions are not complicated by any emotional or physical challenges from an illness or injury.
  • You can make your wishes clear to your family now so the process is easier for them after your death.
  • You can make financial arrangements now, so your family does not bear the financial burden during a difficult time.
  • You can focus with a clear mind before the process is complicated by any memory or mental issues.

Our knowledgeable funeral directors can help you document your wishes, anticipate any challenges your family may experience (and find solutions), and make financial arrangements that ensure your vision for your personalized funeral and memorial service becomes a reality. Please DO NOT place documents detailing your wishes in a safety deposit box, as this may complicate the process for your family as they struggle to access the box because of estate issues.
Here are a few of the many aspects that should be on your funeral pre-planning checklist
  • Obituary specifics: information that details your family and loved ones, background (education, family history, etc.), and affiliations you want included in your obituary.
  • Funeral preferences: location of the funeral, clergy or speaker(s), visitation, casket and viewing preferences, readings, music, memorial direction, pallbearers, appearance of honoree, etc.
  • Internment preferences: burial or cremation, cemetery location, monument preferences, etc.
  • Financial arrangements: insurance funding or bank trust funding, documentation for family, etc.

While any arrangements you make to pre-plan your funeral are helpful, our experienced and knowledgeable funeral directors can give you information and assistance in every area, such as giving you contact information for your preferred cemetery (or helping you locate a cemetery), helping you plan the perfect funeral or memorial service, and all the information you need to decide whether insurance funding or bank trust funding would be best suited for you. To initiate a smooth and convenient funeral pre-planning process, contact us via email or phone.
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