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Traditional and cremation options
There are a number of options for individuals and families as they pre-plan or plan a funeral. You can choose from one of these common options for your arrangements, or contact us to customize your arrangements specific to your preferences.
A traditional funeral implies having an open casket for viewing and full body burial in a cemetery. This option historically was the primary way of handling a death. Traditional funerals are typically more costly due to the fact embalming is required, an increased amount of preparations for viewing the deceased are needed, as well as the need for merchandise such as a casket and burial vault. In spite of the cost, it is still the most common option in the Midwest and is a strong option for honorees and families with religious requirements against cremation.
Cremation allows families to have a lot of the same traditions with several options. The first decision that needs to be made after choosing cremation is whether or not family and friends want to have an open casket viewing before the cremation process. This allows for closure in a way that immediate cremation does not.

If an open casket is not desired, immediate or direct cremation is also a very common option. A vast majority of families choose to have a memorial service either at a local church or our funeral home. The ashes can be placed in an urn of your choice at the service and buried in a cemetery or another arrangement can be made (i.e. scattering, made into jewelry, etc.)
There are three common burial options for those pre-planning a funeral, or for a family planning a funeral. However, if you have another preference, or want to find out about another non-traditional burial option, contact our family for more information.

  • Cemetery of your choice. Our staff can facilitate the purchase of a cemetery plot at a local, out-of-state, or national cemetery, or can make arrangements if your family already has a cemetery plot. We can also make arrangements for any services held at the funeral, and connect you with organizations for your monument needs.
  • Mausoleum. This above-ground burial option is available at select locations in our area and beyond our community. We can fulfill any preferences you have, and work with the facility to meet their requirements if you choose to be buried at a mausoleum.
  • Columbarium. A columbarium is a lesser-known above-ground burial option, but is an option for anyone interested in cremation. A columbarium is a structure where urns can be interned, and our staff can give you more information about a columbarium and facilitate columbarium arrangements if you choose this option.

To get your specific questions answered about traditional, cremation, or burial options, contact us. We can help document your preference when pre-planning a funeral and fulfill your wishes, or can facilitate the wishes of your family as you plan a funeral.
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